Minimize the Impact on Societal Disruption
Figure 1. The effect of lockdown strategy as seen through the eyes of a 16-year old.

A recent article by Journalist Anthony Furey summarizes the impact on societal disruption.

To benefit all of society emergency management must mitigate societal disruption by ensuring there is continuity and recovery of critical services.
      • Confidence vs fear: Leaders should use confidence not fear to minimize collateral damage
      • Lockdown Collateral damage

An Emergency Management Led Response Builds Confidence

  1. Produce a written Provincial COVID-19 Pandemic Plan including but not limited to:
    1. Situate the Disease and Province in a National concept
    2. Define the Mission – To ensure minimum impact of COVID-19 on <province>
    3. Clearly defined Governance
    4. Clearly defined Phases
    5. Clearly defined Objective and tasks by Organizations
    6. Outline Critical Support
    7. Define Communications for:
      1. Support of Citizens
      2. Support of the Public Sector
      3. Support of the Private Sector
  2. Define How you will Protect those most at risk
    1. A separate Plan for Long Term Care (LTC) homes
    2. A Plan for care of those with multiple co-morbidities not in LTC Homes
    3. How the Public can help and interact
  3. Define how you will ensure operation of Critical infrastructure
    1. Place COVID-19 hospitalizations / ICU usage in context with total capacity and plans for surge capacity
    2. Assurance of electricity, water, food and essential supplies
    3. Show that you know what is most important and how the public can help
  4. Define how you will ensure the continued care for those with other life-threatening illnesses
  5. Define a Plan for Mental Health issues related to the Pandemic
  6. Define a Plan for the assurance of in class learning for our youth with appropriate safety measures and mental health aids
  7. Place this virus in Context
    1. To other diseases (pneumonia for example)
    2. To other causes of death annually
    3. To COVID-19 patient beds versus total beds in health system
  8. Testing of Province for COVID-19:
    1. Rapid
    2. In depth
    3. Cross population to determine actual infection fatality rate (IFR)
  9. Produce risk analysis for population for GP advice to population (similar to the Cancer risk analysis provided to new Cancer patients age vs operation vs chemo vs radiation vs drug therapy):
    1. by age
    2. by co-morbidity
    3. by other health conditions (including obesity)
  10. Define exactly how the Public can send ideas and feedback to the Government
  11. Show the public you have a Plan and are READY