Protecting our most vulnerable as we rebuild our Canadian society

Focused Protection

A year ago we knew much less about COVID-19 than we know today.  The original anxiety associated with COVID-19 has given way to understanding that the original computer models were incorrect and the infection fatality rate is orders of magnitude lower than what we first believed. The collateral damage associated with lockdowns have been well documented and peer-reviewed scientific papers have questioned the utility of lockdowns (see Resources page on this website). Consequently, it is time to re-focus our efforts on protecting our most vulnerable as we rebuild our Canadian society. This website presents an eight point plan to help us pivot towards this protective effort.

Content for this website was generated by emergency management planners, professional engineers, physicians, and scientists who each share a concern for their communities and for Canada. We believe all Canadians are entitled to a sustainable pandemic plan which achieves the four goals of emergency pandemic planning: (1) control contagion, (2) mitigate societal disruption, (3) minimize adverse economic impact, and (4) provide for the efficient and effective use of resources during response & recovery.

An article written by Mr. Preston Manning and published April 27, 2021 in the National Post discusses protecting the most vulnerable.  Read it here.